Petra Capital on CJO Home Shopping and South Korea’s Volatile Small-to-Mid Caps

South Korea is one of those economies that global value investors pay attention to. It is export-driven. It is relatively small. And it sits adjacent to emerging market behemoth China. The entire economy could almost be considered a cross-border special situation. In this, it has a lot of inefficiencies that global value investors hunt for. This month we […]

Jose LaRosa: How Grupo Gloria Made a Killing in Peru Sugar Plantations

It turns out the West’s most successful export has been entrepreneurial capitalism. From Brazil to Beijing, we are seeing a sea of companies emerging out of the developing economies. They are often family-owned. They are usually small cap. They are frequently traded on highly volatile local exchanges. And they are increasingly developing surprisingly strong competitive moats […]

Fadi Arbid of Amwal Al Khaleej: What’s Next for Middle East Investing?

The Middle East is an unusual emerging market. It attracts investors with its oil wealth (+40% of the world’s proven oil reserves). Its consumer and competitive dynamics are fairly stable and predictable. And it has a +70-year history of successful deals with Western partners. All of these things make it particularly attractive and manageable for […]