19. Five Awesome Perks of Global Investing (and Living)

My home is in New York and Shanghai. My office is mostly in the Middle East. I teach in Beijing and Cambridge. And I am quite possibly a genius at manipulating flight schedules to ensure regular stop-overs in fun places such as Nice, Paris and Hong Kong. Global value investing has fully arrived and many […]

18. Navigating 3 Real Estate Bubbles in 3 Countries

The new Shanghai (and Chongqing) property tax is creating some fascinating discussions in the Mainland. Maybe it will eliminate speculation? Maybe it will bring down rising property prices? Maybe it will alleviate the real estate bubble? And so on. But this is now my third real estate bubble in eight years. First, the Middle East, […]

17. Could Egypt Be The Next Dubai?

Yes it can. Egypt is located 30 minutes from 60% of the world’s oil and 45% of its natural gas. It sits in a sea of investment capital that could rapidly transform it, like Dubai, into a modern economy (hopefully with a little less speculation).  But whether Egypt becomes the next Dubai or the next […]