5 More Life Lessons from Lunch with Warren Buffett

I have written a lot about my trip with 20 Peking University students to meet Warren Buffett. A couple of Buffett’s comments from that Omaha meeting have really stuck with me. They have been rattling around in my head and have made me question how I am living. In this article, I detail the five […]


The 5 Weirdest Menu Items at Pizza Hut China

I eat at Pizza Hut in Beijing all the time. Partly cause it’s close to campus and partly because the brutality of Chinese restaurant competition is fun to keep an eye on. Chinese restaurants are developing economy hyper-competition. They fight for good locations. They fight for managers and a cool look (plus continual renovations). The […]


How Tmall Became a Midwife for Chinese Cross-Border M&A

In recent years, Taobao, Tmall and other online shopping sites have created a new way for Chinese consumers to buy foreign goods directly online. This new sales channel, commonly known as haitao, has, unsurprisingly, produced a surge in purchases of vitamins, milk powder and other products Chinese have already been buying on trips overseas. What […]


United Airlines, KFC and Why Winning Big in China Creates New Challenges

United Airlines recently got massive criticism in China. The video of David Dao being dragged down the airplane aisle went everywhere in China, much to United’s surprise. KFC had a somewhat similar surprise last year when their China outlets suddenly got protests, a response to a ruling at the Hague. Both events highlight a quirk […]


Get Ready for Beijing – the +100M Person Mega-City

The emergence of Beijing as a +100M person mega-city is a pretty fascinating story. Some thoughts on where we are and what’s coming next. The economics of Beijing as a mega-city are already fantastic. The population of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster (also called “Jing-Jin-Ji”) will be +100M people. And the economic output is already over 10% […]


My Playbook for Success as an Introvert

(Note: This blog is a diversion from my normal writing on Chinese consumers.) Recently, I argued that the term “introvert” should be replaced with “power thinker“. My follow-up to that article is the following simple playbook for having an impact as an introvert (i.e., as a power thinker). My playbook is just three points. Point […]


What Wall Street (and Jim Cramer) Are Getting Wrong About Starbucks in China

Much of the Wall Street discussion about Starbucks in China seems to fall into two main groups. The bulls (including Jim Cramer) talk about the big China consumer trend and the increases in Mainland outlets. The bears (or the less bullish) mostly point to slowing same store growth (about 5%) and the high PE multiple. […]


Two Threats to the Big China Dreams of Zara and H&M

H&M and Zara are two companies I pay a lot of attention to in China. They have great business models. They are very popular with Chinese consumers. They are both following market leader Uniqlo in terms of expansion into second and third tier cities. And they seem to be growing steadily, despite slowing growth in […]