How to Write a #1 Business Book. Step 1 – Choose a Question (Video)

Hey. I’ve written 3 best-selling business books, two of which hit #1 (One Hour China, One Hour Consumer China). I’m starting to write a new book and am documenting / vlogging the process. Hopefully this will be of help to anyone working on a book – or thinking of doing so. Please follow along and […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 在第一部分,我们谈到了万科创始人王石早年的事迹。随着他20世纪80年代,在深圳所获得的一系列的成功,于1988年,他首次涉足房地产行业。正是这一步,改变了一切。


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》,目前2017新版有售。 “中国万科是一家房地产公司,西方国家无一家房地产公司可与其媲美。其收益超过美国四大房地产开发商收益之和。它所建的公寓数量,在历史上没有一家公司可与其相抗衡。万科的创始人——王石,是全球最大的房地产开发商。对数百万奋斗中的中国人而言,王石决定着他们人生中的重要时刻——购买自己的第一个家。


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》。 “我和华强森博士(Jonathan Woetzel)(麦肯锡,北京大学)一共写过3本有关中国的速读书籍。这是最新的一本,书中精心收录了我们的一系列文章,主要体现以下四个独到的观点:

At Home And Abroad, Chinese Companies Can Beat You Fair And Square

*The following is an excerpt from our new One Hour China Contrarian Book (which is available here.). “Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey & Co, Peking University) and I have written three speed-read China books together. In this latest one, we have put together a collection of our essays that basically make four main contrarian points. These are: […]

There Is No New Chinese “Sharing Economy”. Didi, Mobike, and Others Are Classic Disruptors (Pt 1 of 2).

There has been a lot of talk about China’s new “sharing economy”. Articles in the New York Times, Fortune, Bloomberg, and the South China Morning Post have all cited ride-sharing (Didi), bicycle rentals (ofo, Mobike), and the micro-rental services for batteries, basketballs, and umbrellas as part of a new China “sharing economy”. But this is […]


已下内容节选自我们的新书《一小时读懂中国》。 “我和华强森博士(Jonathan Woetzel)(麦肯锡,北京大学)一共写过3本有关中国的速读书籍。这是最新的一本,书中精心收录了我们的一系列文章,主要体现以下四个独到的观点:

Major League Baseball (MLB) Is Copying the NBA in China – And It Might Work.

These are boom times for sports in China. An increased national focus on health and fitness is coinciding with a big increase in entertainment consumption. And the State Council has set a goal of making the sports industry a 5 trillion yuan ($750 billion) sector by 2025. So stadiums and fields are being built, European […]