JD Won Online With Profitless Growth. But “New Retail” Has Different Rules. (Pt 2 of 4)

In this four part series, I look at how “new retail” changes the strategies of market leaders Alibaba and JD. My take is basically five points: Point 1: China is ground zero for the digital transformation of retail. See Part 1 here. Point 2: But “new retail” is not just supermarkets and convenience stores. It’s […]

How Alibaba’s “New Retail” Disrupts JD’s World (Pt 1 of 4)

China is now ground zero for what Alibaba has called “new retail”, a sweeping digital transformation that merges physical and online retail into a seamless consumer experience. And this poses a fundamental strategic challenge to Alibaba’s primary competitor JD. In this four part series, I make the following points about this situation: Point 1: China […]