副标题:我老板是如何用励志演讲说服我辞职的 经常有人问我,从在纽约从事管理咨询业到赴中东为阿尔瓦利德王子工作,我究竟是怎么做到的。这是一个非常重大的职业转折,但这实际上只是一时冲动做出的决定。我认为,这其中可以提炼出一节很好的职业课。


How I Went From NYC to Working for Prince Alwaleed

Alternate title: How My Boss’s Motivational Talk Convinced Me to Quit I often get asked how I ended going from New York management consulting to working for Prince Alwaleed in the Middle East. It was a pretty big career move. But it was actually a more of a gut decision. And I think there is […]