Meituan vs. Alibaba vs. Didi vs. Ctrip: Why China’s Internet Giants Are Colliding In Local Services (Pt 3 of 4)

This is Part 3 on my visit to the Meituan-Dianping headquarters in Beijing. Part 1 was my main take-aways. Part 2 was what I think people are getting wrong about Meituan. “Local services” has been a hot topic this year. And we have seen big local services moves by many of China’s digital giants. Tencent-backed […]



PKU Emerging Strategy notes

Here are the instructions for the final paper. Current Topics in Chinese Strategy – Final Paper Outline-2018_ Fall.v2 Here are the notes Class 1 PKU.Strategy Lecture_1-09.21.18.public Class 2 PKU.Strategy Lecture_2-09.28.18.public

PKU Legends Investing Notes

Hey. Here are the instructions for the final paper and a previous example: Company-Eval-Form.Blank_ Legends in Investing – Final Paper Outline – 2018 Fall Tsui Wah_Model.great example Tsui Wah-Report.great example   Here are the lecture notes. Class 1 PKU.Legends In Investing.Lecture_1.09.18.18.public Class 2 PKU.Legends In Investing.Lecture_2.09.20.18.public Class 3 PKU.Legends In Investing.Lecture_3.09.25.18.public Class 4 PKU.Legends In […]

PKU PE Class Notes

Hey, Here are the instructions for the final paper and two examples PE Investment Committee – Final Paper Outline – 2018 Fall Group one.use as example.public Group 19.great.use as example.public Here are the class notes: Class 1 PE Investment Committee_1_09.17.18.public Checklist 2a-Competitive Advantage.9.17.18 Checklist 2b-7.More GGTB.09.17.18 Class 2 Checklist 6-Operating Value Add.7.14.18 PE Investment […]



Didi Is Rapidly Building Out Driver Services. This Is Really Important. (Pt 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of this series, I sat down with a Didi driver and tried to get a better understanding of what life is like driving with Didi (article located here). In this second Part , I dig into the increasing innovation happening on the driver and car-owner side of Didi’s business, which is pretty […]


近期,我陪同一群欧洲学生参观了位于北京的京东总部。他们是都灵大学发起的 ChinaMed / TOChina 项目的一部分,这是一个中国和南欧之间的精彩交换项目。关于该项目我将推出更多介绍性文章。该项目的负责人是吉奥瓦尼·安多里诺(Giovanni Andorino)和弗朗西斯科·希尔维斯特里(Francesco Silvestri)。