4 Cool Things JD is Doing (My Thoughts From a Visit to JD HQ).

I recently accompanied a group of European students to JD headquarters in Beijing. They were part of the ChinaMed / TOChina program out of the University of Torino, which is a fantastic program connecting China and southern Europe. I will be writing more about that program shortly. It is run by Giovanni Andorino and Francesco […]

Can Meituan, Ctrip, or Alibaba Win Against Didi in China Ride Sharing? (Video)

Some thoughts on the increasing competition in China ride-sharing. Plus stuff around the Philippines. Video is below and here. Youtube only. —– I write and speak about Chinese consumers and digital China. Music: Tobu – Colors http://youtube.com/tobuofficial Released by NCS https://www.youtube.com/NoCopyrightSo…

My Recommended China Reading – August 2018

Greetings from Peking University. I am hiding out in Thailand for a week, one of my standard writing spots. Any suggestions for fun places to visit would be appreciated. It’s been a pretty great summer for digital China. Pinduoduo has launched upwards, catching the world’s attention. Meituan and Xiaomi are going public (so lots of […]

My Favorite Business Books

Hey, These are my favorite business books (not in order). I keep them on my iPad and read them year after year. For my favorite China business books, you can sign-up on the right. Competition Demystified – by Bruce Greenwald I give this book to people all the time. Really clear logic. I also like […]

AIT Slides

Hey, here are the slides. cheers, j Monday 1 Morning PE Investment Committee_1_08.6.18.public Monday 1 Afternoon PE Investment Committee_2_08.6.18.public Wednesday 1 morning. PE Investment Committee_1_08.6.18.public Monday 2 morning PKU.Investment Committee_5_08.13.18.public Monday 2 afternoon PKU.Investment Committee_6_08.13.18.public Wednesday 2 morning PKU.Investment Committee_7_08.16.18.public

“Starbucks Plus Alibaba” Means Luckin Coffee Needs to Partner With JD or Tencent ASAP.

So Starbucks has launched a “new retail” strategic partnership with Alibaba. And in doing so they are leapfrogging to the front of digital and consumer China. Kudos. That’s impressive. And it’s pretty bad news for Luckin Coffee. The Alibaba-Starbucks deal, as announced, has three components: 1) A tie-in with Ele.me for delivery. The statement from […]