Great Review of My Book by Chris Mayer at Agora Financial

Chris Mayer, managing editor at Agora Financial and author of Mayer’s Special Situations, reviewed my book. Really dead-on accurate I thought. I am reading his book Invest Like a Deal Maker. The review is reproduced below with his permission: ———————– The Prince of Deals Prince Alwaleed is one of the world’s greatest investors. Born in […]

Podcast – “How Saudi Prince Waleed Invested Globally and Grew $30k to $22B” by

You can go to the Tradestreaming link to hear the audio. The Tradestreaming Introduction is pasted in below. Note: in the audio my title was said to be Chief Investment Officer which is not correct. This correction is also noted below in the text and on their site. —— Saudi’s Prince Waleed took $30k and […]