How Trump’s Fight with Mexico and NAFTA Could Help China

When it comes to the USA, Chinese and Mexican manufacturers have long been rivals. Both groups export fairly similar types of goods. Both have advantages in lower cost labor. And they are now the No 1 and No 2 exporters to the US. But while Chinese manufacturers have become dominant in most product categories, Mexican manufacturers […]

How I Went From NYC to Working for Prince Alwaleed

Alternate title: How My Boss’s Motivational Talk Convinced Me to Quit I often get asked how I ended going from New York managing consulting to working for Prince Alwaleed in the Middle East. It was a pretty big career move. But it was actually a spur of the moment decision. And I think there is […]

Stop Calling Me An Introvert. I Prefer “Power Thinker”.

I’m really getting sick of the term “introvert”. It sounds like someone with a problem. Like someone who is anti-social. In contrast, “extrovert” sounds outgoing and engaging. Like the CEO or student body president. Yes, I admit some of us are pretty quiet in classrooms, at dinner parties and during corporate functions. Yes, we do […]