Valuation Class in China 2018 – Notes

Hey. Here are the class notes. Class 1 – Lecture Notes PKU.Valuation.Lecture_1-6.5.18.v5.public Class 2 – Lecture Notes PKU.Valuation.Lecture_2-6.7.18.v4.public Class 3 – Lecture Notes PKU.Valuation.Lecture_3-6.12.18.v5.public Class 4 – Lecture Notes PKU.Valuation.Lecture_4-6.14.18.v5.public Class 5 – Lecture Notes PKU.Valuation.Lecture_5-6.17.18.v4.public


我正在补写与沃伦·巴菲特共进午餐的笔记。此处  是所有的商业思考。此处 和 此处 是他关于如何自我完善的观点。 尽管如此,我还希望专门写一篇文章,讲述他关于在美国长期投资是“赢家游戏”的论断。这一论断很有说服力,基本包含以下五点:

Speaking Event – Manila, Philippines (April 18, 2018)

Hey to all in #Manila, please come to the Future Re-Imagined conference on April 17-18. I’m giving a talk on #China super-platforms (#alibaba, #jd, #tencent, #meituan (and now #mobike)). Note: speaking at 4pm is always kinda tricky. People are tired. So you gotta be a bit crazy or provocative. I usually just pick a fight […]