Speaking Event – Manila, Philippines (April 18, 2018)

Hey to all in #Manila, please come to the Future Re-Imagined conference on April 17-18. I’m giving a talk on #China super-platforms (#alibaba, #jd, #tencent, #meituan (and now #mobike)). Note: speaking at 4pm is always kinda tricky. People are tired. So you gotta be a bit crazy or provocative. I usually just pick a fight […]

Help on Videos?

So about six months ago, I started moving into videos. Since then I have created and posted about 40 videos natively on LinkedIn. I think I’m far enough along to re-asses what is working and what isn’t in videos. I’ve put some of my latest videos below. I’d appreciate any advice you have.  I’m looking […]


2015年5月22日,我在LinkedIn上发布了我的第一篇文章。我努力了一个多星期,然后终于成功“发布”。起初,一切都平淡无奇。 在接下来的几天里,我的文章获得了大约50-100次阅读。我的粉丝(即我的人脉)从500增加到了505人。总体来说,这是一个令人沮丧的开端。

How Trump’s Fight with Mexico and NAFTA Could Help China

When it comes to the USA, Chinese and Mexican manufacturers have long been rivals. Both groups export fairly similar types of goods. Both have advantages in lower cost labor. And they are now the No 1 and No 2 exporters to the US. But while Chinese manufacturers have become dominant in most product categories, Mexican manufacturers […]