My Visit to Oriental DreamWorks – And Why Animation is Booming in China

Of the 19 million students in Chinese universities in 2009, over 1 million were studying art and design. Think about that number for a moment. One million students studying painting, design and other creative arts. That is larger than the student populations studying chemistry, law, or economics. Fast forward to today, these students have entered the workforce and […]

My 5 Predictions for Chinese Consumers in 2017

In the past 2 years, Chinese consumers have arrived as a global economic force. And this is really just the beginning. We are going to see an increasing impact by these consumers on business going-forward. So here are 5 predictions for Chinese consumers for the coming year: 1. Chinese consumers (particularly millennials) will “hyper-adopt” mobile and O2O […]


My Favorite China Articles for January 2017

Greetings from Peking University in Beijing. I send out a monthly reading list with the best China articles (and books) I have come across. If you would like to be on this list, you can sign up at Also, if you come across any really great articles, please send them to me. Here’s my […]


What Airbnb Should Do Differently Than Uber in China

This is really Part 2 in a series of articles of how Chinese and Western platform businesses are increasingly competing. In Part 1, I laid out some basic theory for this (you can read here). Based on this thinking, I think Airbnb should do 6 things differently than Uber in China.: #1: Airbnb will need […]

Hollywood’s Golden Age In China Is Coming To An End

Hollywood studios have been coming to grips with the fact that China will soon be the world’s largest market for entertainment. Movies increasingly are co-produced by cash-rich Chinese moguls. Chinese stars are cast in supporting roles. Praise for Chinese culture is being randomly stuck into scripts. In some cases, such ploys have paid off: 2015’s “Furious […]

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Have A Serious Competitor in China?

Chinese Wanda is openly challenging Disney. Uber spent $2B fighting with Didi Chuxing. Adidas has been fighting Li-Ning and Anda for decades. And Apple is now struggling against multiple rising Chinese competitors,(Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, etc.). One thing you can almost always count on in China: A successful international company will inspire serious domestic competition. So […]


Should You Do Part (or All) of an MBA in China? A Peking Univ Professor’s Opinion.

I’ve done five years of teaching at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management in Beijing. I’ve now seen thousands of MBAs come and go. Some do a semester or a year. Some do their entire MBA in China. One question I do get a lot is: Should you do part (or all) of an MBA in […]

How Oriental DreamWorks and “Creative China” Are Disrupting Hollywood.

China is inching closer to becoming the world’s largest entertainment market and Hollywood studios are struggling to adapt. Cameos by Chinese film stars are jammed, often nonsensically, into Western movies. Studio executives are flying in to meet with cash-rich Chinese moguls. And praise for China in Hollywood films has become commonplace. This is often described as self-censorship. I tend to […]

Why Bike-Sharing (Ofo, MoBike) Is Nothing Like Didi and Uber (i.e., Ride-Sharing).

There has been a lot of talk about Chinese bicycle-sharing recently. Tencent, Warburg Pincus and Sequoia participated in a $100M round for Shanghai-based Mobike. Xiaomi, Citic PE and Coatue participated in a $130M round for Beijing-based Ofo. And Didi Chuxing is reported to have invested in Ofo as well. Bike-sharing is being proclaimed as a new frontier for […]