3 Ways President Xi and King Salman Can Move China and Saudi Arabia Beyond Oil

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Saudi Arabia is now aggressively seeking foreign investment to diversify its economy away from oil. So this meeting in China was arguably the most important of the King’s month long Asia trip. The Xi-Salman meeting produced […]

My SCMP article: “What everyone is getting wrong about urbanization in China”

(reposted from SCMP here, May 9, 2014) Jonathan Woetzel is the “go-to guru” for Chinese urbanization. He is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company and the co-Chair of the Urban China Initiative, a thinktank. Whether it is Chinese city officials, multinationals or government officials in Riyadh and Moscow, he is the person everyone calls […]

My SCMP Article: “Why Chinese state-owned banks are now in the eye of the storm”

(reprinted from South China Morning Post, ) This week, China’s big four state-owned banks are set to announce their 2013 financial results. And the numbers, if predictions are accurate, should show a significant slowing in earnings growth across the board. Likely 11% year over year growth for a combined net income of approximately $130 billion. […]

My SCMP Article: “The five drivers of China’s Internet deal frenzy”

(reprinted from South China Morning Post, April 2, 2014) You can’t go a week without hearing of a new acquisition by Baidu, Alibaba or Tencent. While China’s Internet giants have been doing acquisitions for years, the last three months can best be described as a frenzy. Tencent’s recent announcements have been impressive – including: They […]

My HBR Article: “Why Facebook Should Worry About Tencent”

(reprinted from Harvard Business Review (blog), April 3, 2014) From the moment Facebook announced in February 2014 that it had bought the mobile messaging service WhatsApp, everyone’s been talking about the price that CEO Mark Zuckenberg parted with for the acquisition. Nineteen billion dollars (albeit $4 billion in cash and the rest in Facebook shares) is one […]

My SCMP Article: “Post-divorce, Chang’an Ford has lost weight and is looking good”

(reprinted from South China Morning Post, April 16, 2014) Just one year after its split from Mazda, Ford’s recent performance in China is starting to turn heads. In December 2012, the Chinese government approved the split up of the three-way joint venture between Ford, Mazda and Chang’an Automobile. This resulted in the newly created Chang’an […]

My SCMP Article: “Eight cool facts about the new 100-million-person Beijing megacity”

(reprinted from the South China Morning Post, April 24, 2014) A couple weeks ago, one of China’s top economic planners discussed plans to integrate Beijing, Tianjin and parts of Hebei into a new mega-city. This new Beijing mega-city would contain approximately 100 million people and is already being referred to as “Jing-Jin-Ji”. We thought we […]