副标题:我老板是如何用励志演讲说服我辞职的 经常有人问我,从在纽约从事管理咨询业到赴中东为阿尔瓦利德王子工作,我究竟是怎么做到的。这是一个非常重大的职业转折,但这实际上只是一时冲动做出的决定。我认为,这其中可以提炼出一节很好的职业课。

Six Winning Strategies for Middle East and China Deals (or Why the New Silk Road Failed)

By Jeffrey Towson, Kevin Tetarenko, Ehab Tantawy What Happened to the New Silk Road? In 2007, the “new Silk Road” was born. It was headline-making vision for how the Middle East and Asia would reconnect after 700 years of political and economic separation. It was a grand vision – a historic re-opening of ties that […]