Foreign Acquisitions and What Everyone Got Wrong About Haier’s Purchase of GE Appliances

Haier’s acquisition of GE Appliances in mid-2016 resulted in the usual stories about Chinese outbound M&A – and about China’s global ambitions. Such foreign acquisitions are almost always regarded as a type of ambition or strength. Chinese companies are going global! But sometimes such acquisitions can be a type of surrender, an acceptance that there […]

Uber China’s 5 Big Lessons for Netflix

Last month, Netflix’s stock price soared on rumors of meetings in China. People got pretty excited about the potential market for “Netflix China”. Meanwhile, “Uber China” is continuing to take body blows. Their gigantic Chinese competitors are merging. And the government is raiding their offices. I detailed this in How to Save Uber in China […]

Uber’s 4 Options for China

I have argued that Uber’s best option for China at this point is to partner with local governments or State-owned taxi companies. This is detailed in How to Save Uber in China (part 1) and Uber China’s 5 Big Lessons for Netflix. But looking back to late 2013 when Uber entered, I think they really […]

How to Save Uber in China (Part 2)

A final post on Uber China. In Part 1, I argued that Uber China was now on the wrong side of both the government and entrenched local competitors. Their best option is to partner with local governments or State-owned taxi companies – thereby removing the government problem and trumping the powerful economics of their competitors. […]

The 1 Thing Uber, Expedia and Netflix Need in China

Last week, it was reported that Uber is raising $1 billion for its China business. That is impressive and a good strategy. But, just yesterday, their gigantic Chinese competitor Didi-Kuaidi responded by announcing they are raising $1.5 billion. That little back-and-forth is a great example of how competition in the Chinese internet often works. People […]

Chinese Beer Profits Are Still Really Small

China is the world’s biggest beer market. This is a frequently cited fact. So is the fact that Snow (drunk mostly in China) is now the world’s most popular beer by volume. In fact, three of the world’s top 10 beers are now Chinese (Snow, Tsingtao, and Yanjing). All very impressive. But it is worth […]