Six Winning Strategies for Middle East and China Deals (or Why the New Silk Road Failed)

By Jeffrey Towson, Kevin Tetarenko, Ehab Tantawy What Happened to the New Silk Road? In 2007, the “new Silk Road” was born. It was headline-making vision for how the Middle East and Asia would reconnect after 700 years of political and economic separation. It was a grand vision – a historic re-opening of ties that […]

Fadi Arbid of Amwal Al Khaleej: What’s Next for Middle East Investing?

The Middle East is an unusual emerging market. It attracts investors with its oil wealth (+40% of the world’s proven oil reserves). Its consumer and competitive dynamics are fairly stable and predictable. And it has a +70-year history of successful deals with Western partners. All of these things make it particularly attractive and manageable for […]

An Interview with Dividend Income (Oct 11, 2011)

The text below is from an October 11, 2011 interview with Steven Dotsch of Value Talk / Dividend Income Investor. The link is here. ————– Today we’re joined by Jeffrey Towson, who was Head of Direct Investments Middle East/North Africa and Asia Pacific for HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud – grandson of […]

Podcast – “How Saudi Prince Waleed Invested Globally and Grew $30k to $22B” by

You can go to the Tradestreaming link to hear the audio. The Tradestreaming Introduction is pasted in below. Note: in the audio my title was said to be Chief Investment Officer which is not correct. This correction is also noted below in the text and on their site. —— Saudi’s Prince Waleed took $30k and […]

9. Singapore’s New Lesson for Dubai: Family-Friendly Casinos Work

Dubai, which has long drafted Singapore, should note Singapore’s recent launch of the Marina Bay Sands casino. It’s an important lesson in how a city-state can build family-friendly casinos and jump start tourism. Singapore’s recent opening of the Marina Bay Sands appears to be a glowing success. The $5.5 billion resort has logged approximately 5 […]

4. Of Course Chinese Real Estate Is, as Jim Chanos Says, a Bubble – But So What?

I witnessed first-hand Dubai’s rise and fall.From 2002 when there was nowhere to eat, to 2007 when you couldn’t get across the congested city traffic, to 2009, when it was a ghost town.With all respect to Mr. Chanos’ comments, the current Chinese real estate bubble is not worrying – and it is not Dubai times 1,000. […]