The Sale of Baidu Waimai to Ele.me Symbolizes 3 Big China Internet Trends

Chinese O2O food delivery company Baidu Waimai is being sold to competitor Ele.me. So Ele.me (Alibaba-owned/backed) and Meituan Waimai (Tencent-owned/backed) now dominate the space: Ele.me plus Baidu Waimai will be about 55% of the market. Meituan Waimai has around 41% of the market (iMedia market research). Although they recently announced they are at 54%. Giants […]


Winning and Losing in Bike-Sharing Is Ultimately About Utilization (Pt 4 of 4)

This the fourth and final article on “assets in the wild” as a powerful new economic engine, most visibly manifested in bike-sharing in China. My basic argument in Part 1, 2, and 3 is that the meteoric rise of Mobike, Ofo and other bike-sharing companies is because of their pioneering use of assets that can […]


How New Retail is Colliding With Bike-Sharing in China​ (Pt 3 of 4)

In Part 1 and Part 2, I argued there is something new and powerful happening at Mobike, Ofo and bike-sharing in China. These companies and their presence in consumers’ lives have grown too fast. We are witnessing something new and important. My explanation for this is “assets in the wild”. That bike-sharing companies have shown […]

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My Explanation for the Stunning Power of Mobike, Ofo and China Bike-Sharing (Pt 1 of 4)

Whenever I see a small company having a startling large impact on the world, I look for an engine. I look for something that is amplifying what a relatively small number of people are doing. For example, the engine that rocketed Facebook (and Wechat) upwards was the economics and psychology of social media (plus viral […]

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我认为我们目前正处于中国共享单车/单车出租热潮第一阶段的尾声。 现在的共享单车行业有几个比较明显的行业领导者—-摩拜和Ofo. 大量的中国消费者每天都会使用共享单车,且仍呈快速增长之势,这绝对不是一时的消费热潮。 企业的经济前景愈加清晰。租金收入依然会是其主要部分,未来广告收入也会是其中的一部分。例如,有一些ofo自行车上已经投放小黄人广告(如下图)。也许未来它们还会涉足快递和电子商务产业,并获取相应收入。 最后,《摩拜白皮书》(Mobike White Paper)公布出来的数字也很有趣。2017年的(Mary Meeker / Hillhouse report)也非常看好这一行业。