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My Visit to JD Headquarters and What I Learned About China’s Retail Revolution (Pt 1 of 3)

I recently got invited to spend three days touring JD’s facilities in Beijing and Shanghai – and to meet with senior management. As someone who has been a fanboy of JD for a long time, I literally jumped at the opportunity. JD is one of the great China business stories. From its founding by Richard […]

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5 Things I Learned from Alibaba President Michael Evans on Singles’ Day 2017 (Pt 1 of 3)

It’s 6pm November 11 and China’s 24 hour shopping extravaganza is in full swing. Chinese are buying stuff at about $1B in sales per hour. 200,000-300,000 orders are being processed per second. Over three million logistics staff are on high alert. It’s a nationwide frenzy. And Alibaba President Michael Evans has just sat down next […]


One Graphic Shows the Power of China Bike-Sharing (Mobike, Ofo)

Below and above is a graphic that shows the growth of bike trips taken vs. bikes deployed in a Chinese city of 8M people. The data was provided by Mobike but the exact city is not specified. Note how usage grows fairly linearly – and is proportional to the number of bikes deployed. I think […]



在上篇文章中,我总结了摩拜北京总部之行以及与创始人胡玮炜的会面。在进行了游览并提问了大约两三个小时后,行程结束。现在想来,此次行程真的很精彩。 这里我想跟大家分享下我从摩拜及共享单车中学到的5件事情。



在7月下旬,我访问了摩拜北京总部—在那里,我与摩拜创始人胡玮炜及其国际扩张部副总裁克里斯·马汀(Chris Martin)进行了一次精彩的对话。这次摩拜之行相当精彩,离开的时候,我也更明白为何这家公司能发展如此迅速,仿佛坐了火箭一般。我打算就此次北京之行,撰写三篇有关共享单车行业的文章。不过,这篇文章主要是对我此次总部之行的一个总结,以及我从此次摩拜之行中学到的5件事情。